Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kroger ClickList

Although at times I don't mind grocery shopping, sometimes it is a pain.  When I have a busy week planned with projects I hate to stop what I am doing to go grocery shopping, inevitably I end up loosing a half of a day to cleaning up and errand running.

Enter ClickList, Kroger's new service where you can shop, compare costs and add items to your cart online.  After submitting your order someone at the store takes your grocery list and does the actual shopping.  You schedule a  time to pick up,  drive up to the designated area, call a number and give them your info.  An employee comes out with your groceries, gives you the total and scans your card at the car, your helper then loads your groceries in the car.  Easy as that!  You can add special instructions to items such as produce, I generally buy bananas on the green side, so I noted that on my list.  It really was easy and allowed me to review my cart.

I arrived at the scheduled time, and unfortunately had to wait fifteen plus minutes after calling to let them know I was there. When they brought my items out they explained that after double checking my order I was missing tomatoes so they had to go back and pick them up, because I had to wait those items were free.  When I got home I realized I was missing eggs, but had two packages of cheese instead of one so I am calling that even.

There were three other cars that pulled up while I was there and none of them had to wait as long as I did, so I believe it was not their norm.  After inquiring I learned they are currently filling as many as 90 orders a day, so lots of people like me are giving it a try.  When my children were little I would have loved to have access to this service for sure!

The $4.95 fee was waived for my first visit, even though my experience wasn't perfect I will use it again.  The pros include staying in my work clothes and no makeup.  I also did not make any impulse buys because I was never in the store.  The cons include not being able to take advantage of non advertised specials.  Also I would not use this service to buy meat as I like to choose my own.  But this is great for super busy weeks or just my stock up on staple grocery buying weeks.  Have you tried any of these services and if so what were your experiences?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hope and Peace Restored

When the world gets crazy I tend to draw inward, it is my natural introverted tendency.  I clean closets, finish projects, organize drawers anything that gives my world order and perhaps makes me feel in control when the world is out of control.  Let's just say I have gotten several things done lately.

I hate controversy and to a fault avoid it in my own life, yet it seems I cannot escape controversy, it is everywhere I look, in my own country and those around the world.  Getting caught up in it I sometimes lose hope, then realize I am looking in the wrong place for my hope and peace.  The world will never provide such things, hope and peace are only found in Jesus.

This past Sunday I was feeling that heaviness as I entered our worship center.  Music that can lift my spirits seemed to fall somewhat flat, there was just a feeling of oppression that could not be sung away.  We then knelt in prayer at the alter or at our seats, there were white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Russian people, friends, family all gathered together to pray in one place.  We prayed for those who were grieving, no matter their color.  We prayed for peace among our neighbors and a heart of reconciliation for our nation.  My own heart began to be lift, hope and peace began to well up inside of me.  Then it was time for the message, and I must say that just listening to the Word my hope was restored.

Our pastor, who just so happens to be my very own "Mr. Wonderful" spoke partly on the unity of heaven and that until our churches begin to look more like heaven our world, our nation, our community would not change.  This message gave me such hope, even an excitement for heaven that I did not have when I entered that morning.

If you long for your hope and peace to be restored  I encourage you to take a few moments to listen:  "What God Wants For Our Country"..  Blessings for the hope and peace that can only be found in Christ!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Junking Treasures

Are you a junking junkie?  My friend Emily and I went last week and we had a great time.  We went to our local Habitat Restore, she had never been and I had only been there once before.  The first time I  was with Mr. Wonderful and let's just say he is not a fan, we breezed through in a few minutes.  Emily and I spent two hours and it felt like a few minutes!

My find of the day was this awesome Coleman Cooler.  It is metal, from the 1970's I think and is this great color of blue.  Fifteen bucks friends, when I saw it I knew it was coming home with me.  I need to clean it up and I am not sure exactly what I am going to do with it, Wonderful said why not just use it for a cooler!!!

I also found some other treasures including some vintage cookie cutters, this light I am going to use outside at the greenhouse and a star that will be perfect for one of my nativities at Christmas.  Emily found some canisters and a great old stool to recover the seat, unfortunately I didn't get pictures.  It was such a fun day and I can't wait to find many other places to explore.

Have you found any treasures lately?  Or have a junking buddy, I would love to hear all about it!

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Remodeling a Bathroom

Have I ever told you about finding our house?  When we decided to move, we chose our neighborhood because lot sizes ranged from one half to an acre in the section we were interested in purchasing.  The neighborhood was older, with houses from 50 plus years old to newer homes, and crazy enough in the Houston city limits, plus we were less than 10 minutes from church.  Although we knew that in order to afford this area we would have to go with an older home that needed some work, I didn't want a major project.  Perhaps a few cosmetic updates, but that was all I was interested in tackling.

Talk about eating my words, we are almost two years into a major remodel.  The last big project was our bathroom.  Being over 50, our house did not have a true master bath, although not a deal to us, we knew if we ever decided to sell we needed one.  Well this weekend was bathroom demo day!  For me it was a mixture of excitement and dread.  Excitement that we were tacking the last big in house project, but dread of all of the mess yet again.  It didn't help that I felt terrible all day Saturday, what allergens are in the air at the end of June?  Anyway, Mr. Wonderful is a beast and tackled the whole thing himself!

I am embarrassed to show you how our bathroom has looked for the last couple of years.  Half torn wall paper.  The floor has parts of the vinyl ripped up, I put rugs down to cover holes that had to be made in the floor for other projects.  The only thing that surpassed my dread of the mess was the desire for a nice bathroom that felt clean and was pleasing to get ready in every morning.  So here we go!  Our best guess is that it will take at least a couple of months to completion.  Remember we are weekend warriors, and we work on our projects as we have time, money and energy!  I will be showing the progress here so stay tuned!

But for now, this is it!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Meet Me in St. Louis

We attended a conference in St. Louis last week,  I knew nothing really about St. Louis and it's history. Our schedule was full from morning to evening for three days, only leaving a small amount of time for touring and sightseeing, but we enjoyed the time we had and just scratched the surface on all there is to do!

Food is always important and we had some great pasta at Charlie Gittos Downtown, such a quaint atmosphere.  We also had some very good barbecue at Sugarfire Smoke House, although when you live in Texas and have delicious barbecue anytime you want, it doesn't quite compare.  Sorry St. Louis!

On Wednesday evening we attended a game at  Busch Stadium , it just so happened the Cardinals were playing our Houston Astros!  The stadium has  a very fun atmosphere and would be a great family outing because there is so much to do.