Friday, November 20, 2015

DIY Buffet - Early Birthday Present

When thinking about this post I realized that I have never shown you my completed kitchen, so that will be just around the corner. My kitchen is somewhat small, it functions perfectly for me day to day, but when we entertain, usually buffet style, I run out of space. Trying to figure out how to make the dining room more functional for us in terms of serving guests, I determined we needed an additional piece of furniture, something not too wide or take up much floor space. I began looking online for used pieces, the buffet and sideboard pieces that were available were too large, didn't match my existing furniture or didn't fit the space. So I turned to Pinterest and began to look at how to upcycle an existing piece.

I am familiar with Ana White and when I found directions for this Tryde Console Table  and the many ways people had tweaked it to fit what they needed, I knew this would be perfect. Now to break the news to Mr. Wonderful that I had decided we (as in he does most of the work and I am the "gopher", the holder, the trouble shooter, the lunch maker and picture taker) needed to make a table. He was a bit hesitant, but after looking over the plans agreed to give it a try.

We sat down this morning with the plans, changing our list of needed materials to reflect the dimension changes we made. The store with the big blue sign hadn't seen us in a while, I am sure they have been wondering where we were! All of the supplies were readily available. After returning home and getting busy everything went very quickly. Within about three hours we were finished with the building!

Some of the changes we made were to make it taller, ours stands at 34 inches which is a great serving height. The length is 54 inches, longer than I had planned but it fits the space well. We also added a shelf on the bottom, allowing me to add baskets for additional storage which is always nice!

Both of us are incredibly pleased with how well it turned out.  I now need to fill some nail holes, sand and decide on a finish. I want a painted finish, have you ever used chalk paint, if so do you have any pointers?

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Transformation: The Front of the House

I guess this post really begins September 2014, with what the ranch house looked like when we first made an offer. It was hidden behind a large tree and 50 plus (yes you read that right) boxwood shrubs.

The first thing that happened after closing was the old roof came off.

The large tree came down and we put a new door on the front.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Women's Bible Studies, Your Thoughts

I know I haven't blogged in while, my mother reminded me! I have been in a bit of a fall rut, I think part of that being that I am ready for fall, wearing cute sweaters and boots, wrapping up in a throw on the couch to ward off the chill in the air and eating warm bowls of homemade soup. That sounds so wonderful, yet it really isn't happening. The air conditioner is still going strong, I occasionally wear a light sweater only to take it off by noon because I am sweating. And although I am making those delicious comfort foods of fall and winter, it isn't quite the same when it is still 87 outside.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Day We Painted on the Dining Room Table

You know those paint parties that are so popular right now? Well a group of friends came over and we painted on my dining room table! I am a firm believer that our homes are for fellowship and should not be a furniture museum. I just put some plastic down, and then set everything up. We had so much fun, none of us are the next Michelangelo, but we enjoyed lots of laughter and some really good snacks and went home with a cute family crest!

Most of these parties take place at a studio, but Delton Gerdes will come to your home for a group of six or more. He supplies everything needed for this fun evening, well except the snacks! Mr. Gerdes is in the Houston area, message me and I will send his contact information.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall 2015

Fall has come to Houston, at least for a couple of days. We have enjoyed the first bowls of chili and as I sit here typing I am enjoying the smell of an apple pie in the oven. Fall just screams comfort food. This is a just out of the oven, not staged picture.

If you wait for it to feel like fall around here you might never decorate, so I don't wait. Generally the first of September I start adding a few things here and there. This year we were hosting some friends for the book dedication of Suffering Well and I pretty much just went for it! My favorite things to add for fall are lots of natural elements this year including nuts in the shell, of course pumpkins, I love the white ones, pine cones and just to be honest whatever I find in my yard. And I loved the look of the book pages so much I decided to leave them for the season!