Thursday, September 22, 2016

Coffee Bar for Fall

Since it is finally officially fall, I am calling the decorations complete.  I will share a few vignettes over the next few weeks, but today I wanted to share my coffee area.  I posted pics on my Facebook page when I set it up, but have never shared it here.

Mr. Wonderful has gone to french press coffee, I am not a fan.  So I decided to explore the Keurig world and when asking about them, a friend blessed me with one her family was not using!!!!  I love the Keurig, it is super easy in the morning and no mess, not something I can say for the french press.  I know most of you have been loving your Keurig for years, but I am always late to the party of new gadgets.

As said  many times, our kitchen is small so I decided to make my coffee area in the breakfast room to alleviate anymore clutter on the kitchen counters.  Using what I had,  I moved a barnwood shelf to hang mugs on.  The shelf itself is super narrow, so it is used for adding some cuteness.  The basket holds my pods,  fall napkins and sweetener.  This setup also allows guests to serve themselves while I am in the kitchen preparing dessert.

Fall mugs were needed but I really didn't want to spend much on them.  I was in my local Marshalls  looking around when  I found this mug for $4.99, although I liked the colors I wasn't crazy about the price.  As I continued to look  I found another of the same mug for $2.99.  I put them both in my cart while I was "thinking" about it.  Well I ended up finding the same mug in four different places in the store with four different prices.  One being marked down to $1, when I took them to the checkout they marked then all down to the lowest price which meant I got four mugs for $4.   Score!

So far I have tried a few coffees, cider, and hot chocolate.  Do you have a favorite pod I should try?

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Wall Art

One of my favorite ways to personalize any space is with unique wall art.  It is an easy and inexpensive opportunity to add personality to your home.  Although boutique, home, craft and department stores are great places to spark creativity, I rarely buy anything.  This piece was made specifically for one of our guest rooms.  I was able to choose the exact colors and size to fit my space.

We have a large pile of pallet wood that will be used for a future project.  I selected several pieces and cut them down to 16 inches.  Then I screwed them from the back to two additional pieces of wood.

  Using my Cricut, I cut out a world shape and the scripture reference of Matthew and used them as a stencil.  After centering each piece on my plaque and taping them down, I painted with regular craft paint.

This whole project only took an afternoon and cost me $0.  Yep, I used scraps of wood, scraps of vinyl for the stencil and paint I already had on hand.   I love the texture in the room and the colors that match perfectly!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chalkboard Art for Fall

My kitchen chalkboard is one of my favorite things!  One of the reasons being it fills an awkward space.  When remodeling the kitchen I ended up with a space where the wall cabinets end, but the countertop and bottom cabinets continue another 15 inches.  The top cabinets had to stop as a result of pipes located in the soffet that could not be relocated.  The bottom cabinets extend further and allow for more storage on the breakfast nook side, in a small kitchen this is priceless.  It also creates a great serving counter when entertaining.  My solution was this chalkboard, cheap and it can be changed seasonally or as the mood strikes.  Love it!

This art lasted all summer,  I think one of the reasons being that I got a bike for Mother's Day this year.  As I changed things up for fall, the chalkboard also needed an update.  I usually search Pinterest for inspiration and then add my own flair.  This is the early fall version and I am sure as it gets closer to Thanksgiving it will change again.

Loving the vignette that sits below the chalkboard and it's blue pumpkin!  I found the scales several years ago at an antique market as well as the coffee grinder.  Wonderful wants to use the grinder, but I told him to stick with with electric one!

Wishing you a happy fall as I hear my air conditioner kick on again!

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Worshiping His Majesty in Yellowstone

Sometimes living in the suburbs of a large city I forget the majesty of God.   The skyline is littered with buildings and there is concrete everywhere you look.  Traffic is always a problem, there really is no real quiet.  After a while I no longer hear the noise, or even see the individuals that surround me, only the masses. I don't mean to make it sound terrible because it is my home and I love it, but I guess I become complacent, no longer seeing the beauty for the busy.

Wonderful and I were blessed by a vacation to Montana during my blogging break.  This was my first visit to Montana and it was beautiful.  While we were there we spent a few days enjoying Yellowstone.   It was amazing!  I mean how many times can a person say "WOW" in one hour, much less one day.  The sky was endless, as were the mountains, breath taking beauty everywhere my eyes looked.  There really is nothing more awe inspiring than when raw, untouched nature surrounds you.

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Bathroom, a Slow Process

If I sighed monumentally  over my pumpkin spice creamer, the sigh for the bathroom remodel is earth shaking.  We are progressing at a snail's pace, but you actually have to be home to get much done,  there are no bathroom remodel fairies.  Our weekends that last couple of months have been quite busy, therefore the bathroom has been somewhat on hold.  That being said, we have gotten a few things finished.

The plumbing is complete for now.  We had a great plumber, Loren who relocated our toilet and shower drain.  He tirelessly answered our questions, and introduced us to the world of Pex pipe.  Mr. Wonderful has become quite good at installing the piping, and we were able to save quite a chunk of money by him doing all of  the piping work.  If you need a plumber in the Houston area, call HaLo at 281-779-6644 and tell Loren the Jeffries recommended him!