Monday, October 27, 2014


I referred to the giant steps of progress in my last post. Well the cabinet guy called and said he had the cabinets ready, was Saturday ok? Are you kidding, I got them unpainted so I could paint them with the same paint as the original cabinets, and an extra day to paint is awesome. They were scheduled to be in today, but instead I was able to work an extra day to get them ready for countertops on Thursday.

I love them. The cabinet guy did an awesome job! I can't wait for it all to come together. But here is a sneak peak of how they are looking.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Front Door

Did you ever play the game "Mother May I" as a kid? You know you were told how many scissor steps, bunny hops, side steps you could take and you had to ask "Mother, may I". Well I feel as if I have only been taking baby steps in remodeling for a few weeks, not much to write about, you know there are only so many times you can tell folks you are painting. Well this weekend we took some giant steps and I am so excited!

Definitely blah, not inviting!

I guess you could call that patina, oh and the heart shaped key thing!

Up until now the single biggest outside change had been power washing the house, and oh what a difference. But yesterday my new front door was hung and it is like all of a sudden my house has leapt into 2014. The front door was the first thing I bought, even before we closed! There are still things to do like change the lights and paint the trim, but for today I am going to enjoy my new front door, and paint a little too!

Love, love, love my new door!

 If you are in the Houston area and would like the name of my "door guy", just let me know!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Power of Paint

This weekend was met with lots of painting. We have worked most evenings and every weekend since moving in and there have been many days that I have wondered if we were making any progress. After one weekend of painting I feel as if I am starting to see a means to the end of the remodel process. Oh we are still a long way away, but paint changes everything including my attitude.

If you had asked me what color my cabinets were I would have said a dingy white, but after putting a coat of pure white on them, they really had kinda of a gray tint. I love the look of the stark white gloss paint. It isn't easy to work with but I am loving the end result!

My kids hate "antique" or off white walls! I guess because there has been some form of that color in every house we have lived in, the oldest said it was time to get over it! lol But I love the contrast of the white glossy trim against the off white walls. This is actually the same color we had just repainted the den in the other house.

The infamous frig, loving the way it is coming together.  So "hi ho, hi ho," it is off to paint I go! Have a great week.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ladies Banquet

Last week was our ladies banquet at church. It was such a refreshing evening. Our worship leader was Karen Hackfield, Karen is a beautiful person with a wonderful voice. Our speaker was Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, a delightful and funny story teller who has a heart for Jesus, we were challenged to "Surrender All". Shellie is the author of several books including her latest, Heart Wide Open.

Ladies volunteer to host and decorate tables. It is always fun to see different styles and see ladies who have a heart for hospitality get to use their gift to serve God in this way. I didn't take pictures during the banquet, because sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy! But here are a few pics of the beautiful tables, I could have taken pictures of every table they were all so beautiful.

This table was the centerpiece of the room, with it's tall arrangement. I love the addition of the bright pink with the fall colors!

I just love fun napkin folds!

Each ladies place card was a small frame with their name, I am a sucker for yellow and blue!

Love the mercury glass and silver!

And look scrapbook paper placemats, easy and super cute!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Company Ready?

I talk a lot about it is not what your house looks like, but about the fellowship that you should be enjoying with family and friends that is important. And I am constantly challenged personally on this point, perhaps so I can encourage you!

Wonderful and I moved to Texas ten years ago and we left all of our extended family behind in Kentucky. So any opportunity to get together with them is precious! My nieces and nephews enjoy not only a spring break, but a fall break (which by the way I think should be mandatory for all schools). I usually get the benefit of this and several of them come to visit on fall break. When talking to my mom she said they would still like to come even though the house was no where near ready.

I could have said no not this year, I mean there are still holes in the ceiling,

no flooring,

buckets of random things sitting around,

and no baseboards! (This is to be considered my fall home tour!)

But I would have missed Nerf guns and homemade targets,

backyard games of soccer and kickball,

a trip to the Houston Children's Museum  complete with science experiments and medical lab coats,

beautiful works of art and my mom's chicken and dumplings!

I think I made the right choice! Enjoy the fellowship, the memories made are what is important, no one cares about your house!

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