Monday, September 22, 2014

Kitchen Decisions, Help Needed

This weekend met with more demo, meaning more mess!

Some people not to be named, enjoy demo more than others!

On Friday my remaining appliances were delivered. I have been without a dryer for two weeks. I have been using the frig that was in the house and although it cooled, that was about it. It is so nice to have modern conveniences. I had ordered a counter depth frig, because the kitchen is so small. The appliances arrived later in the day so it was a whirl wind trying to get everything hooked up. The frig didn't seem to be cooling very fast, so delivery pizza was ordered yet again. The next morning we realized the frig was not working at all! So after a few calls our options were to order a second frig, which would take another sixteen days to arrive or come to the store and pick out something. Patience has never been a virtue that I have had in excess so I decided to just pick something out at the store. I ended up with this, and although I love it, it does take up more floor space. So here is the dilemma.

Do I leave the frig as is, and just deal with the few inches less floor space or do we take out the pantry and build the frig into the wall opposite the sink. Putting Cabinets where the frig is located now, this would definitely increase the counter space, floor space and visual space and would look the best, BUT I would lose all of the storage I currently have in the pantry which is quite a bit in small kitchen.

Help, what would you do? Wonderful wants to move the frig, of course that means more demo, but now is the time. I am leaning toward keeping the pantry because I wouldn't get that amount of storage back! But I know the demo would look better in the long run and afford more counter space. I really welcome your opinions!

Excuse the pantry mess at the moment.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wallpaper Woes

I understand that wallpaper is making a comeback! Although the beautiful laundry room makeover at Uniquely Yours or Mine is almost enough to make me change my mind, it is a no go at our redo. Oh I have used wallpaper in our homes before and loved it, but just a few times of stripping that stuff and you too will be swearing it off.

Although we didn't have a lot of wallpaper in the ranch, the eighties style had to go. The top layer, usually the pretty part pealed right off. I was pleased with that but the bottom layer remained snugly in place. I decided to start with the method of using fabric softener and water to release the glue that holds the paper on, I would only use the harsh chemicals if absolutely necessary. (There are lots of directions for removing wallpaper on Pinterest.) Luckily, the fabric softener method worked well, I used a putty knife that was not very stiff to lift the paper off.

There are a few tips I would like to pass on. The paper must stay wet, if it begins to dry, re-wet it. Do not apply heavy pressure with the putty knife, you can damage the wall underneath. Keep the pieces that you pull off swept up, if not they will adhere to the floor and you have to then scrape them off of that, no one wants to do twice the work. The fabric softener can make the floor slick when wet and sticky when dry. Wear gloves, yes I learned this the hard way, even though you are not using harsh chemicals it takes a tole on your hands. The positive, Darling Daughter said the house smelled wonderful!!

I discovered that my walls were damaged from what I would assume is a previous wallpaper job. I haven't decided how to proceed as my original plan was just to paint. That is one of the things that I enjoy about a remodel, the challenge of what to do with what you find. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Update on the Ranch Redo

{I started this post and accidentally hit publish before it was finished, so here is the complete version}

So much has happened since the last time I posted. We moved in!!!!! Without the help of wonderful friends this would not have happened. The garage is full of boxes.

The day after we closed the roofers showed up to start replacing the roof. We had the original layer of wooden shingles, then another layer of shingles that all had to be removed. It was a few days of pounding, crazy stuff, but it looks beautiful. Four Star Roofing has now done two roofs for us and I couldn't be happier with their work. If you are in the Houston area check them out.

Wonderful worked hard to get our bedrooms painted and we had new carpet installed. Thank you Marshburn's Flooring America for doing a rush job to get those rooms ready.

We had the outside of our house power washed and it was amazing. I truly believe this has been the biggest noticeable transformation. Simply amazing! Call Doug at Clean and Green Power Washing for these amazing results at your house.

A couple of appliances were delivered. And although I am happy to have them I am ready for the rest of the shipment!

We also closed on the house we moved from, the reason we moved so quickly. The ranch remodel has been so different from those we have done in the past, but we are going with it!

This post has companies that I highly recommend. I have not been compensated to advertise for them, I just believe they are great companies that provide quality work and quality product.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ranch Re-Do

One down! We closed on the "Ranch Redo" today! We are so excited and can't wait to get started. I wanted to share a tour of the place. These pics were taken during a visit with the idea that I could refer to them during the planning, thinking process. So this is it, in all it's fixer upper glory!

The lot is officially .99 acres, it is a story and a half with a detached two car garage.

The family room, I have never seen such a long hearth!

My new tiny kitchen!

Can you guess when anything was last updated by the carpet and wallpaper?

I have already bought a new front door.

All of the bedrooms pretty much look the same. Each one has a double closet and a built in shoe rack.

The bathroom hasn't been touched.

This Dutch door leads to the laundry room. So cute.

This is a fully functional greenhouse. I have such plans for this space, I mean I am super excited, but more about that later.

After the last paper was signed, we couldn't wait to get out of that office and get started. Mr. Wonderful ripped up smelly, gross carpet this afternoon, we took down blinds, dated window coverings and started with that wallpaper.

So do you think we are crazy? If you could only see what I see in my mind, I can't wait to reveal it to you, one room, one project at a time.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Just Keep Packing

It's Labor Day weekend, you know the last celebration of summer. You go the the lake, deer lease, camp out, swimming pool or whatever your family enjoys doing. My family and I, well I keep hearing the voice of Ellen DeGeneres from Finding Nemo saying "Just keep packing, just keep packing, just keep packing..........". I think I am almost finished but then I remember the coat closet, the building outside, the storage under the window seat and on it goes. Soon it will be finished.

Everything has happened so quickly, that I feel as if I am spending more time being reactive instead of pro-active. Just when I think I have a plan, things change and I need another one. I have drawn kitchen layouts on graph paper, I have measured closets and openings and walls trying to figure out where everything will go and yet it feels we aren't much farther in the process than when we first looked at the house.

The current plan is get the bedrooms painted and new carpet in those areas so we can have some measure of order. Everything else will be done in order of necessity after we are in the house. I just keep reminding myself that this is suppose to be fun!

I hear Ellen again, "just keep packing", so it is time to go. The next time I check in I hope to have a house tour of the new place. You are going to think we are crazy!