Monday, May 18, 2015

The Weekend

All of last week was spent preparing for the guests and the graduation party of Darling Daughter. I keep thinking of more things to do, not necessarily a good thing. Darling Daughter spent a couple of days in Fredericksburg to launch a rocket she and her team members had built in Aero Science class. It was the culmination of a semester of hard work and lots of stress over the last couple of weeks.

This weekend was her Senior Prom. I hemmed the dress only to discover that I had to hem it a second time because I didn't get it quite short enough. I knew I was leaving it a bit long, but the idea of cutting too short was terrifying, a bit long proved to be too long so I had to hem again.

Saturday was spent getting nails done, hair in an updo, makeup and what seemed like a thousand other things. But in the end it was certainly worth it because she looked beautiful and had a great time.

Mr. Wonderful always puts together a dvd with just a few pictures of the the graduate through the years, so we also went through a few old photos. It was fun to look through the past and relive a few memories and enjoy even more laughter.

I certainly hope that the upcoming graduation meets with more smiles than the preschool graduation I am afraid this time I might be the one with the pouty face!

Just a couple more pics with her proud parents!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hot Fudge Cake

I make my family a dessert almost every weekend. I know, it isn't a healthy habit, but it is certainly hard to break. This past weekend, being Mother's Day, and all of the yard work  we had been doing I wanted something easy. As I looked around Pinterest, I swear I should just get rid of all of my cookbooks, I decided to try an easy recipe for hot fudge sauce .

I rarely buy a boxed cake mix, but easy was the word of the day so a boxed mix it was. There are a gazillion recipes on Pinterest to make a box mix taste homemade so I decided to give one of those a try a try as well.

The end result was a hit with the family. I wouldn't use the "recipe" to make the box cake mix again, I would just follow the box directions. It didn't taste any different and definitely added a few more calories, hey when you serve dessert most weekends you save them where you can!

I was skeptical about the hot fudge sauce because it is basically a no cook. You put all ingredients in blender, heat the half and half in the microwave, when boiling you add to blender and blending all ingredients til smooth. That is it! It was good, I mean very good. I will definitely be using this again.

When I am encouraging women to share hospitality I often hear the same thing over and over, I don't cook. Well this is a great recipe for you. Use the box cake, or if that is too much buy a plain chocolate cake at the bakery, this would also be great with brownies. Choose your ice cream and make the hot fudge sauce in advance, (click here  for recipe)  warming in microwave when ready. Have a few drinks on hand, invite your neighbors over for dessert on the patio and enjoy the fellowship with very little effort!

(We are a Blue Bell  family! We can't wait to get you back in our grocery, no other ice cream compares!)

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Lots of Little Things

I know I have been MIA last week. Truth is I have been quite busy but not so much blog worthy, you know when you have a tons of things that are left to check off of the list.

We are working hard to try and get our stairs finished. I can't wait to show you the finished product, but here is a blurry sneak peak.....

I have been painting risers, Wonderful stained the treads and now we need to "poly" the risers, repaint the walls and then we are finished!

Also while I had the paint out I wonderful and I hit some of the trim again. We still have quite a bit to go, but we are getting there.

I have also sealed the grout three times in the bathroom. Is anyone else like that? If the directions say two is good, then three times should be better!

Friday was spent outside. Wonderful wielded the chainsaw and I hauled the tree waste to the road. It doesn't look like much from here, but it took all day and I was one tired chick at the end of the day!

Most of my evenings are spent working on Darling Daughter's graduation party. It is less than two weeks away and I still need to hem a prom dress this week. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Love the Home You Have"

I love my house! We moved almost eight months ago, and have spent every spare minute remodeling. But I must admit that I started to get remodel burn out, no matter how hard we worked nothing seemed to be finished. Then spring hit and we moved our focus to the yard and it was a nice change for both Wonderful and me.

I have followed The Inspired Room  blog for a few years so when it was announced that Melissa's book was coming out I was curious. "Love the Home You Have", wasn't really an issue for me, we moved into a home that I loved, but after reading the back cover, I decided that I could still benefit from Melissa's wisdom.

Melissa takes us on her home ownership journey, through numerous moves and myraid of houses each very different in style. She shares things that she learned through this journey by sharing the blessings and yes curses of each house and how this path has lead her to "love the home she has". Her wisdom will inspire you to love your home inspite of the things that drive you crazy. Melissa counsels us to let go of unrealistic expectations, declutter, clean and add our own personality to the home with which we have been blessed in order to create a haven for our own family.

With fresh inspiration from this book, I was challenged to finish a few projects that I had been putting off. I have painted my laundry room, worked on painting my trim, Wonderful stained the unfinished stairs, fixed my sagging drapes and a few other things that were bothering me, I have continued to declutter and make the most of every area in my home. You know what, as I checked things off of my to do list, I began to get the energy to finish a few more projects. The burn out began to melt away and I began to enjoy the journey again.

Thank you Melissa for the inspiration to keep going. Oh we are still not finished and let's face it, no matter where we live isn't there something we are always working on or working toward? But I am getting my second wind to finish strong in this place I call home. Need a little boost in your home, or really just hate where you are, I have been there too, pick up a copy of "Love the Home You Have" and plan to be challenged, inspired and fall in love.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Friday Project - Fireplace Remodel

This project has taken parts of several Fridays. A reminder of where we started with the fireplace, the hearth spanned the whole family room, wall to door. Wonderful and I went back and forth on what to do, including leaving it, making the hearth smaller and another option was to paint the whole thing.

We decided to make the hearth smaller and leave the brick natural. Wonderful spent several days chiseling out brick, when that mess was finished our friend came and finished the ends. We removed the yucky old screen. After this I cleaned the brick and then painted the inside black. We also removed the sconces, they were not evenly placed, I decided that I wanted outlets on the mantle instead.

Wonderful replaced all of the trim around the fireplace. We may eventually add gas logs, but for now I am loving the end result of the fireplace remodel.

This is more than I would usually use to decorate the mantle, but the whole fireplace is such a large area and I wanted to hide the outlets we added. Although they are super handy, especially at Christmas I don't want to see them everyday.

The moss balls are something that I made some time ago, I love old books to decorate and the antique horse stirrup ties into the horse on the other side.

I am a huge fan of blue willow plates and this adds a nice touch of color. The books are old ones that I tore the covers off of because I like the look of naked books.

The plant is put in a fishing minnow bucket that I found in the garage when we moved here.

The fishing basket allows Mr. Wonderful a place to put his stuff, he uses this end of the hearth for an end table. The fishing basket also ties into the minnow bucket.

One final look of the before and after............

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