Saturday, November 22, 2014

JOY Christmas Decor

I am really thinking Joy might just be my Christmas theme this year. More about that later. I love a good easy peasy project that ends up being super cute, don't you?

I found these frames at Michael's on sale with an additional 15% off coupon and decided to pick them up, I had a project in mind and these would be perfect. They are a shadow box style with a white frame in a 5x7 size.

Can I just say I love my Cricut! It makes projects so easy and fast. I cut out the joy on red vinyl and applied to the outside of the frame being careful to keep it centered. The next step was to take the back off and cover. This could be covered with fabric, paper, or even filled with fake snow would be too cute. I went with paper because I already had several from which to choose. I tried wrapping paper and although I liked the pattern, the paper was a little on the cheap side and didn't have any body and I thought it looked cheap in the frame, so scrapbook paper it is!

So here it is in all of it's undecorated glory. I am really pleased with how it turned out and although I have it currently sitting on a shelf, ultimately it will hang in the guest bath.

So have you completed any projects? Are you already decorated for Christmas? Boy I was tempted this year to get a jump start, but it will be after Thanksgiving before it all goes up!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Eighteenth Birthday Party

As I said previously Darling Daughter celebrated her 18th birthday over the weekend. I love planning parties for her, she gives me a list that includes menu, the colors she would like to use and a few other suggestions. Our original plan was to move a couple of tables outside and have an evening under a canopy of trees in the back yard, but the cold decided to pay us an early visit in the Houston area. Now I apologize in advance to my family and friends in the north who would consider the mid forties a nice warm up, but for us thin blooded Texans, that was chilly enough to change plans and move inside!

She chose a color theme of mint green with gold accents along with a little burlap mixed in. It is amazing what you can do with a few sheets of scrapbook paper. We were able to make her super cute invitations, two bunting decorations, one was personalized. We also found the perfect shade of tulle and used 4 spools in the decorations. We used a roll of wrapping paper down the center of each table layered with burlap. A blue canning jar filled with daisies, Darlings favorite flower on a gold charger. I had hoped to add candles, but I couldn't find them. lol

Silverware was rolled in a mint green napkin and tied with twine. We served the meal on blue granite plates and used mason jars with a mint green straws for drinks. Each person was given a tag with a daisy to add their name to their drink.

We found a package of three paper lanterns at Party City that worked perfectly. The punch cups were personalized with Darling Daughters initial in mint green of course. After gifts were opened and we enjoyed cookie cake and punch, the party moved outside with a bond fire enjoying s'mores and hot chocolate. It was a great party!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Exciting Weekend

We had such a fun weekend. Friday, Darling Daughter was accepted to the college of her choice! Frankly I miss the days when you received a letter in the mail and everyone stood with you as you opened it! She received an email and opened it while at school and then texted me, her dad and brothers! We all sent celebratory return texts!

Friday evening we drove over three hours to see The Coach, our oldest son coach in his first district playoff football game! It was cold, we had hand warmers and lots of layers! Although we got beat, it was still such an awesome experience! I didn't take but one pic because it was so cold.

Saturday, we celebrated Darling Daughter's 18th birthday! She had invited a few friends over to celebrate. A very special time!

The only thing that would have made my weekend better would have been seeing our younger son, the Business Man!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It Is Not Home Until You've Had Pie

I love to bake, the cooler weather makes me want to crank up the oven and try all kinds of new recipes. That has been one of the hardest parts of having a kitchen that is under construction. This weekend I decided it was time for pie! Darling Daughter loves apple pie, and it couldn't be easier, especially if you use the cheater crusts.

I chose the recipe The Best Ever Applie Pie  from the Sensible Mom.  It went together very quickly and easily. The most time consuming part was peeling and cutting the apples.

Can anything have too much cinnamon goodness?

These are the for real not staged pictures of my mess counters. The other side of the kitchen is covered in plastic!

I don't have a picture of the pie cut, but trust me it was good! And yes it feels more like home after having had pie!

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

What I Have Been Up To

I have not been working on the house much the past week. The countertop guys were here last Thursday and the backsplash is going in today! Flooring guys were here three days in between that! So lots happening, I'm just not doing it! Here is a sneak peak.

Although not with the house, I have been busy. Darling Daughter is planning two international mission trips in 2015, Taiwan and Uganda. We are trying to help with fundraising so we have been making these super cute cake carriers! We have had 23 orders so far, we are selling them for $20. I know the UPS guy thinks I am crazy, between getting various things in for the house, I am now also getting boxes of cake carriers!

Speaking of Darling Daughter, she turns 18 next week. I am having a bit of a crisis!!!!!!!! She wanted to have a party and so we have been working on that as well. My boys were not interested in parties, so it has been fun planning and crafting for it! Pinterest has gotten a work out for sure.

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