Saturday, April 11, 2015

Porch on the Greenhouse

Our yard projects  are coming right along. I am not sure if you remember, but we have a green house and the renovation of it will be in phase two of our yard remodel, but the green house has a cute porch and we decided to go ahead and clean the porch up and make it a usable space. We started by cleaning everything off the porch and taking the large humidifier out of the window. The humidifier gone made such a difference on space. The porch is only about 5'X 22'.

Mr. Wonderful power washed the porch area. For all of our big jobs we always call Clean and Green, but for just the porch he used our small power washer and cleaned it up. We then added furniture back on the porch. The only thing I bought was a pillow for the white chair that was left with the green house. The bistro set is the only yard furniture that we brought from our previous house (the buyers wanted everything else). Even the bird bath was something that was left on the property and I moved it here.

I have been working on landscaping the front. The beds were already there, we just tilled them up and I have been adding a variety of cutting flowers. I am so pleased with the way it is coming along. I still need a few more flowers and I want to add outdoor string lights and a swing on one end. And maybe paint the door a fun color, any suggestions?

It is such a peaceful place, even being just feet from the house, we have enjoyed it already! The inside of the greenhouse is just for storage at this point. We have quite a bit of deconstruction to do before we can start construction, but as I said those dreams  are a couple of years down the road.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Yard - Short Term Goals

A few weeks ago, Wonderful and I came up with a short term plan and a long term plan for our yard. The short term plan is a two year plan, with the long term plan being three to five years. By the time we are ready to begin working on the long term plan we should be all finished with the house, we didn't want to put everything off because we want to get the outside ready for summer fun.

Just a few pictures as a reminder of what the yard looked like when we bought the house, I am not sure if I am reminding you or me? lol

Our short term goals include:

  • establish a few destination areas for enjoyment including outside entertaining space with a fire pit
  • get ride of fire ants!!!! enough said
  • rake the entire yard cleaning up yard waste
  • plant a vegetable and herb garden
  • have a wide open space to set up games such as volleyball, corn hole etc.
  • clean up overgrown shrubs and plant a few areas taking it slow to figure out exactly what we want
  • get rid of the junk that was left by previous owner
  • outdoor dining furniture (most of our outdoor furniture was left at our old house per the request of the buyer)
  • accomplish our goals on a tight budget, using what we have whenever possible (most of our budget is still reserved for finishing the house)
We want to be able to enjoy being outside and host friends and family. Our desire is to have room to dine and play taking full advantage of our yard and outdoor setting even though we are not ready to spend money on major projects.

Our weekends have been spent on implementing our plan. We will be hosting Darling Daughter's graduation party the end of May so we are feverishly trying to accomplish this years goals by that time. It is already looking so much better! We are getting close, I can't wait to give you the tour.

Yes the grass was waste high in some areas when we moved!

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Our Senior Picture Story

If you read my last post you will know I had a panic attack when I realized how close Darling Daughter is to graduation . Let's just say I have been in high gear, so I hope you will forgive me for what will probably be a ton of posts about graduation over the next couple of months.

We contacted my friend to do the girl's senior pictures in November. We had put it off that long because of our move just after school started. My friend is an amazing hobby photographer who donates any money she makes to mission causes! Well between her busy schedule, Darling's busy schedule and uncooperative weather, it hadn't happened. Seriously we are two months away from graduation and no pictures!!!!! So I set this weekend as the date it would be finished, don't underestimate an overwhelmed determined momma!

Wonderful enjoys photography, but hasn't had the time to devote to it in quite a while, I am not sure if it was my stress level or that fact that Darling Daughter has him wrapped around her finger but he said he would do it. What we came away with was some wonderful photos that capture the girl so well! Oh to the trained eye they may not be perfect, but they were taken in our backyard, around the corner from where we live and we also have the wonderful memories of hiking through tall grass, sliding down hills, clothes changes in a bathroom, silly laughing, crazy antics and a very patient husband and dad, yes those memories will last a lifetime!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dates in the Future...........

I need a sticker on my calendar that states, "Dates In The Future Are Closer Than They Appear". Anyone else been there? I hit the ground running in January, we were planning for a trip to India  in February and preparing to begin Ladies Bible Study. By the time I got ready and packed, was gone for a week and a half and recovered from jetlag, it was a three week process. Then it was March and time to prepare for a trip to Taiwan  and the cycle repeated. People would ask me questions about upcoming events and I would reply if it isn't happening next week I haven't looked at it!

Now I find myself just one day away from April preparing for another trip and panic has set in. Although my primary responsibilities will take place in one evening, there seems to be much to do, I am finishing up the plans, shopping and decorations.

In the midst of this, IT HIT ME, Darling Daughter graduates in May!!!!!! It isn't like I just found out, but it has been so easy to push it to the back of my mind and plan what is just in front of me. I am now knee deep in planning a graduation party, (Mr. Wonderful and I have been working nonstop to get the yard ready to host the party.) as well as all of the festivities that lead up to the big event including prom, Senior night, awards, Senior Sunday ........... Where has time gone, not only the last few months, but oh my goodness the years? Darling Daughter is my baby girl, I am not a Rookie Senior Mom, I have two sons that I have had the pleasure of going through this with, but there is something about the last one!


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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yard Work, Yard Waste and Patience

There are times that yard work seems endless. This year we have decided to try to get our yard into shape and work on a long term plan for what we want it to look like in the future. Although at one time, I think our yard was probably impressive with planting beds and a manicured lawn, unfortunately through the previous owners declined health the yard had fallen into mess. There are years worth of leaves, pine needles, pine cones, hickory nuts, sweet gum balls (I loathe sweet gum balls), sticks and on and on that have built up.

Although we have had the yard mowed and bagged, there are still those things that only a good raking by hand that can do. Just the thought of doing this is overwhelming!

The weather right now is beautiful in our part of Texas, and I love to be outside. Before we know it, 100 degree temperatures will be upon us and it is miserable working outside so I am trying to take advantage of the nice forecast. Each day the weather is agreeable, I will go out for about an hour and rake a section of the yard. I can usually get 3 to 5 garden carts of waste during this time. It is good exercise and I get to enjoy being outside and make a dent in a huge task. This has helped me from feeling so overwhelmed by the project!

This is the pile of yard waste so far and I must tell you this picture does not do it justice, it is probably 10' x 6' in size. I am learning patience in this house remodel, or at least I am trying to learn patience! Today it is raining so I will take a break from the yard work and let the blisters and ant bites heal.

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